Elopements & Small Weddings

Your Maine Wedding doesn't have to be a large affair

Throw away the old stereotypes; modern elopements are fun and romantic! For couples who don't want the pressure of a conventional wedding, or who for personal reasons prefer to get married privately and quietly, an "elopement" or small wedding is often the answer. The ceremony can be just the bride and groom and their witnesses, or can include a few close friends and family members. It can take place in a church, on the beach, at a seaside or mountain inn - pretty much anywhere you can imagine! Instead of a big reception, the wedding can be followed by a dinner, a small party, or even a picnic or lobster bake. You can still have the wedding cake, the photographs, the flowers, and anything else you want, just scaled back to meet your needs. Your "elopement" or small wedding can be just as beautiful as a larger one.