Why hire a wedding coordinator?

Katherine was a tremendous help in planning my long-distance wedding. She calmed my fears of not being able to tend to everything myself...I would have been absolutely lost without Katherine!
-Amy & Michael

It’s your wedding day. The weather is perfect, the flowers are gorgeous, your dress is a dream. Your family and friends have gathered in the church; your groom is waiting. And you? Sure, you’re a little nervous. But are you happy and enjoying the moment, or are you so exhausted from coping with all the details and difficulties that went into planning your wedding that you’re scarcely aware that this is IT, your big day?

I can’t guarantee perfect weather, but I can promise that I’ll do everything in my power to make your wedding and the days leading up to it a memory to be savored. I’ll take care of everything; all you and your family have to do is relax and enjoy the party!

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