Wedding Day Coordination

Help for your Maine Wedding Day

Your wedding is planned and everything is set. But what if problems crop up at the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, or reception? You don't want last-minute glitches to distract you from the joy of being a bride. Don't worry; my job doesn't stop once the details are in place. I'll be with you every step of the way, working behind the scenes so that you and your groom can relax and truly enjoy your wedding. And I'm often employed to oversee weddings I didn't organize. Whether I've designed the whole package or am just hired for one or two days, I promise I'll do my utmost to make your wedding day a success.

I'll be responsible for seeing that each detail you've planned happens exactly the way you envisioned it. I'll work with the vendors - musicians, photographers, florists, reception and rehearsal site managers, officiant, etc. - both in the days preceding the wedding and on the day itself to double-check that everything is ready. I can assist at rehearsal, answering any questions you may have about seating arrangements, processional and recessional, and so on. For the day of the wedding I can have hairdressers and makeup artists come to the bride's suite, and I'll be happy to help the bride and her bridesmaids get ready. At the church I'll make sure the ushers have their programs and know where to seat the bride's and groom's families. I'll see to it the entrance music, the officiant, and the bridal party are all ready at the same time, so there are no embarrassing gaps between the processional and the start of the ceremony. Afterwards I'll help set up the receiving line, make sure the guests know how to get to the reception, and that everyone has transportation. I'll work with the photographer and bridal party to find the best location for pictures, and have the limousines waiting for them afterwards. At the reception I'll ensure that the cocktail party runs smoothly, and that the caterers and the band are ready to transition from the cocktail party to dinner. I'll keep an eye on things in the kitchen, checking that the waiters are attentive to the guests' needs. And at the end of the day, before waving you off on your honeymoon, I'll see to it that your gifts, flowers, and all the other keepsakes from your wonderful day have been safely stowed in your limousine. I'll oversee every single detail, so that all you have to worry about is the weather!

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